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Scala Pentatonica

Scala Pentatonica (Escala Pentatonica o Pentafonica).

Scala Pentatonica o Pentafonica
Linguaggi del pop

Power of the Pentatonic Scale – Bobby McFerrin
Power of the Pentatonic Scale
2009 World Science Festival
Bobby McFerrin

Notes and Neurons – Bobby McFerrin
“Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus”
Is our response to music hard-wired or culturally determined? Is the reaction to rhythm and melody universal or influenced by environment? Join host John Schaefer, scientist Daniel Levitin and musical artist Bobby McFerrin for live performances and cross cultural demonstrations to illustrate musics note-worthy interaction with the brain and our emotions.

This segment features an impressive display of improvisational harmony from Bobby McFerrin.

This event took place on June 12, 2009 in the Gerald Lynch Theater at the City University of New York. This is the first of ten segments.

Please visit us at worldsciencefestival.com!


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